Thursday, March 4, 2010

162 It Is

A commenter asked me to talk about where I am now in my weight loss journey. I never did lose that last 17 pounds, but I haven't gained any weight back, either. I live, eat and exercise in a relaxed way, not counting calories or worrying about if I skip a day working out. It seems I did totally change my body chemistry to the point where 162-165 is now my new normal weight. That makes me a size 12, and I did go buy new clothes once I realized the last 17 pounds were not coming off in any reasonable or rational way like the first 44 pounds did. I am content.

So Earl, thank you for asking. I am doing well and maintaining, even though I never did hit the original goal weight. I think one of the things that stopped me and settled me down at 162 was that I'd lost so much weight that people were starting to ask me if I'd been ill.

Just the opposite. I am well and truly intend to stay that way!

Fat Cat
Now in a smaller orbit